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Timebuyer Inc

2  Reviews

(518) 324-1122
796 State Route 3
Plattsburgh, NY 12901-7433
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(518) 324-1122

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Women Owned Business


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written: 1 Review
Every used car I ever bought ended up having problems. Probably because they were all USED. I never bitched at the person that sold it to me or the dealer. I had them checked out before I bought and was as careful as I could have been about what I bought. Then it's just life after that. It's gotta be at least 20 to 1 the people that get on a site and anonymously complain versus anybody willing to take a minute and leave good feedback for some store. It all boils down to Buyer Beware no matter WHAT you buy, or WHERE you buy it. Other than that I blame society for making us all think we're victims every time there's a problem with anything in our lives. We all need to take some personal responsibility for what we do and what happens afterward.
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written: 1 Review
Bought an suv first day I had it I relized there was a leak all over the roof they said they where not responsible. Refused to go good for it.Then the rack and pinion went and it took me having to call the main branch to get it fixed then it took them 4 different times to get it right every week for 4 weeks i had to bring it in the shop they tryed to put used junk yard parts into it Then ended up adding the cost to the end of my term..Losing my job and waiting for workers comp to kick in i explained this to them they said it was fine then one morning I hear someone knocking at the front door and before I get out side I heard my suv start up my boy-friend runs outside to see and they started to drive away and my boy-friend ran up along the suv to tell them I had my pain meds in the suv and a time buyer rep. steps on the gas and yanks the wheel towards my boy-friend hitting him and slamming him into the ground. After 6hrs in the emergancy room he came home with bumps and bruises and scrapes and in a sling and now he has to go to a specialist for his shoulder. So I called them to get my stuff back and they tell me that any lose money in the suv is there's to keep. I had 2 $5.00 bills and a bunch of change in the cup holders. They also took a $300.00 choko jacket and other things. So when I went there to pick up my stuff they would not let me leave with anything unless I signed a paper stating I had everything so because I refused to sign that wasn't everything I could not take my belongings. They have always been rude and disrespectful towards myself and my family. My mom went there to pay a payment and they told my 71 yr old mom that she wasn't to make anymore payments that I had to show my face and I have serious back injurys so I don't get out much.I was 33 days late when they took my suv and hit my boy-friend is this how a company should be ran. We have a state police report and we are getting a lawyer tomorrow. BE-AWARE this is not a good company to buy from there interst rates are 19.99% there payments are way to high ($400 a month) This is the price you pay for rude and dis-respectful service Hope you think twice before you buy a car from here there is alot of problems with these cars etc. Alot of complaints about this company.

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(518) 324-1122

796 State Route 3, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

"Every used car I ever bought ended up having problems. Probably because they were all USED. ..."

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(518) 561-7400

5101 US Ave, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

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(518) 563-9492

353 Cornelia St, Plattsburgh, NY 12901